Dubai skyscraper Address fire: “The Luxury Hotel” Was Engulfed In Flames On New Year’s Eve “Watch”

Updated: January 2, 2016
Dubai skyscraper Address fire: The Luxury Hotel Was Engulfed In Flames On New Year's Eve

Dubai skyscraper Address Hotel engulfed in huge fire.

A huge fire has broken out at a luxury Dubai hotel near the world’s tallest tower, where people were gathering to watch New Year’s Eve celebrations, police said.

The Dubai government media office tweeted that a “fire has been reported in the Address Downtown hotel. Authorities are currently on-site to address the incident swiftly and safely.”

Witnesses near the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, said huge flames were seen billowing from the hotel.

Dubai’s police chief said all the hotel’s residents had been evacuated from the scene of the blaze, which had still not been extinguished some two hours after it broke out.

“At least 14 people have been slightly injured, along with one medium injury, and a heart attack case registered due to people pushing” amid the smoke, the media office tweeted.

New Year’s celebrations went ahead with a spectacular fireworks display despite the huge fire.

Images aired on the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya news channel showed a high-rise building with fire engulfing dozens of storeys.

Witness Raphael Slama told AFP the fire started at around 9.30pm local time (5.30pm Irish time) and rapidly spread upwards across dozens of floors.

The government tweeted that the fire erupted on the 20th floor and affected only the outer facade of the building.

Dubai authorities said earlier that they had deployed thousands of security personnel to ensure visitors and residents could enjoy the New Year’s festivities safely.

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