‘Drunk Girl In Public’ Star Hoax : Actress Regrets Helping Make Viral Video

Updated: November 19, 2014
'Drunk Girl In Public' Star Hoax : Actress Regrets Helping Make Viral Video

‘Drunk Girl in Public’ Hoax Star Issues Super Weak Video Apology, Jenifo Box, the star of the viral sensation “drunk girl in public,” which was later revealed to be a hoax, uploaded a clip to her YouTube channel in which she issues an apology for being part of the highly criticized project.

Jennifo Box was seen approaching men in a drunken state and asking them for directions – all tried to take her to bed instead.

But it has since emerged that the viral video was nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Every guy Jennifo speaks with is an actor and ‘nothing more but perfect gentlemen’.

In the apologetic clip, uploaded to YouTube, she says: ‘I was hired as an actress to portray a drunk girl in what was described to me as a light-hearted prank show.

‘Had I known the damaging outcome of this video I would have never participated, and for the record, every male in this video were nothing but perfect gentlemen.

‘So from the bottom of my heart I’m very very sorry for my participation this production and any harm it may have caused.’