Drew Barker : Kentucky QB punched on EKU campus

Drew Barker : Kentucky QB punched on EKU campus

Kentucky QB Drew Barker Dropped with Brutal Sucker Punch as His Teammates Do Nothing.

CCTV footage shows Eastern Kentucky’s Patrick Graffree lambast Barker at the front desk of a hall in his university as he stood peacefully chatting away.

The video shows Graffree come through the door, remove his shirt and unload on the unsuspecting Barker. Two of Barker’s team mates were in the room but didn’t react to the incident.

The motive for the attack is believed to have been an on-field scurmish that Barker was involved in earlier that night.

Graffree once played at Kentucky but transferred to EKU. I doubt he’ll be transferring back.

  • Rick Kidd

    Looked like a cheap shot to me. If you want to fight someone, call them out. Don’t sucker punch them like a little girl!