Donald Trump urges low polling GOP candidates to drop out ‘Watch’

Updated: November 4, 2015
Donald Trump Calls on GOP Presidential Rivals to Drop Out - Watch

Donald Trump on Tuesday called for lower-tier Republican presidential candidates to drop out the race, and praised former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for exiting the contest early.

“I think the way Walker, he saw it wasn’t happening, wasn’t going to happen, and he just got out quickly,” Trump explained.

Reiterating earlier claims, Trump said Walker “did a really smart thing for himself. And frankly, other people should get out because I would like to personally have more time to talk about the problems of the United States, and more importantly, how to solve the problems because we can solve the problems.”

“There are too many people” in the race, he said, and some of them should drop out.

“If a person’s been campaigning for four or five months and they’re at zero, or 1 percent or 2 percent, they should get out,” Trump said.

Donald Trump wondered why candidates with low poll numbers are still running if they were “doing it for their brand? Because I happen to think it is very bad for their brand.”