Dolphins need their offensive players to be smart, prepared – (News)

Dolphins need their offensive players to be smart, prepared –

When the new Dolphins coaching staff talks about wanting to be “multiple” it puts an increased burden on their new players.

Because the way new offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea talks about the demands on his new offense, it’s clear that there’s a greater expectations on the players to be ready for more stuff. With the Patriots influence heavy and deliberate on Brian Flores’ staff, the message is clear — if you want Tom Brady results, you better put in Tom Brady work.

“We want a core set of things we do well but we also will have ability to adjust on a weekly basis,” O’Shea said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “It’s important for the coaching staff to have the mindset of we need to be able to adjust and our players need to adjust. That’s an important part of the offense, our ability to be multiple.

“When you have a multiple offense, it does require the players to spend extra time in preparation. But in the end, we’re doing what’s best for the players and most importantly what’s best for the team. The players in the past [in New England] have always embraced that challenge.

”We talk about being able to adjust. That’s a word that definitely is an important part of our offense is the ability for the coaches to adjust in the way we think as far as our scheme, and our players to be able to adjust and might be able to adjust weekly depending on what we need to do to win the game.”

To a certain degree, this is the kind of stuff every new coaching staff talks about when they take over in a new city. But it also weighs heavily over their search for a new quarterback, as they prepare to move past Ryan Tannehill and start over in search of the success their division rival has enjoyed for so long.