Dirk Koetter begins to say his Tampa farewells – (News)

Dirk Koetter begins to say his Tampa farewells –

On Sunday, Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter will finish his third — and likely his last — season as an NFL head coach, with the Buccaneers. Via JoeBucsFan.com, Koetter spent time at the end of his weekly Friday night radio show bidding farewell to Tampa fans.

“Whether I’m here or not, I’m always going to be a Buc fan,” Koetter said. He acted as if he doesn’t know what will come next, even though most can sense it.

“I’m sure next week we’re going to find out what’s going to happen moving forward,” Koetter said. “I’d love to get another year. . .  I also understand the business side of it. We hope we’ll have that opportunity. . . . That’s something that will be decided by ownership.”

Ownership likely has made the decision already, with those thousands of empty seats surely a major factor in the process. The Bucs made a late season playoff push under Koetter in 2016, winning five games in a row. As noted by JoeBucsFan.com, Tampa has won only 11 of 34 games since then.

It’s unclear what they’ll precisely do going forward. It’s becoming abundantly clear that they’ll be doing it without Koetter as the coach.