Diem Brown : MTV star dies after cancer battle

Diem Brown : MTV star dies after cancer battle

Diem Brown, who gained fame on the MTV show “Real World/Road Rules Challenge,” died on Friday in New York after battling cancer, People magazine reported. She was 32.

A spokesperson for MTV told the Hollywood Reporter that Brown, who was cast member on the network’s ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge’ and an entertainment reporter, was a true fighter and brought enthusiasm in everything she did, and they would really miss her.

Brown had been diagnosed with the disease back in 2005, and had started MedGift, a registry to provide financial support for people going through health-related hardships, for which she later became a beneficiary.

Meanwhile, pal and E! News reporter Alicia Quarles paid tribute to the star over Instagram, calling Brown her “angel” and “true, dear love” and thanked her for teaching her faith and tenacity and creating Medgift.com.

Jonathan Murray, executive producer of ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge’, also expressed his condolences, saying that she lived life to the fullest, and they were grateful that she “shared that life with them”.

He added that she was an inspiration, and their hearts go out to her loved ones.

Brown had remained strong in her final words on Twitter where she called for “prayers, advice, support and outreach.