Dickson County Sheriff malware : Sheriff’s department files held for $572 ransom

Dickson County Sheriff malware : Sheriff's department files held for $572 ransom

The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office in Middle Tennessee ended up paying a ransom after a malicious computer program blocked access to their files.

Someone in the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office did something many of us have done, clicked on a link to malicious software likely hidden inside an email link.

The malware locked up the office’s case files. All of them. You can see how difficult it might be to operate a law enforcement office without access to evidence or records.

Though the program didn’t tamper with the files, it fully blocked all access and demanded the sheriff’s office pay a ransom for the files’ access. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the FBI were brought in, and eventually it was determined that the best way to deal with the problem was to pay the ransom.

The asking price was $500, payable in the online crypto-currency Bitcoin.

Let’s hope the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office gets some better malware protection in the future, and considering the value of the case files, $500 seems like a bargain.