Dianne Hoffmeyer: Mom buys coffee for women who insulted her “Watch”

Updated: September 25, 2015
Dianne Hoffmeyer: Mom buys coffee for women who insulted her

Woman Buys Coffee for 2 Women Who Insulted Her at Coffee Shop.

Dianne Hoffmiar was at a coffee shop with her little girl, when two women behind her in line began insulting her. They called her a whale, they insulted her hair.

After the incident, Dianne Hoffmeyer took to Facebook to explain what happened at the Fort Gratiot, Michigan restaurant and insisted she wanted to “pay it forward” to set a good example for her 22-month-old daughter, who was with her.

Hoffmeyer, who recently lost 180 pounds, said she overheard the women hurling insults at her behind her back like “Oh look at her hair, its nasty looking and the roots are coming through” and “Oh she’s a whale, oh the whale needs to eat.”

When she got back to her car, she told WXYZ, “I instantly started to cry, because it hurts. I don’t know the women. I don’t know why they would choose to say something like that.”

Hoffmeyer went on to say that if she ever saw these two women again, she would want to sit down with them and let them know how much their mean-spirited comments affected her.

“I’d like to buy them another cup of coffee, and talk to them,” she said. “And explain to them how it made me feel.”