Dez Bryant Blasts Reporters Over Racial Slurs “Watch”

Dez Bryant Blasts Reporters Over Racial Slurs - Watch
Dez Bryant Blasts Reporters Over Racial Slurs - Watch

Dez Bryant took issue with one of the reporters in the Dallas Cowboys locker room. In the above video, Bryant can be seen yelling at a reporter in the locker room.

“You just did! … How bout y’all just fix this s***, Rich! How bout you fix it Rich, you talkin’ to us, you’re talkin’ to the wrong people. You talkin’ to the wrong people … I’ll make sure I’ll put it out there, since ya’ll aren’t gonna say nothin’. I’m gonna make sure call Dev Street a n***** … I’m gonna post that on Twitter. And then I’m gonna let em know why I do this … why I do this. I’m a gonna let it be known why I did it … S*** ain’t right, man.”

“Rich” is Rich Dalrymple, the Cowboys’ senior vice president of public relations and communications. But the majority of Bryan’t anger was reportedly directed at ESPN’s Jean-Jacques Taylor, titled, “Dez Bryant must be Dallas Cowboys’ focal point.”

The lede in Taylor’s piece was, “The Dallas Cowboys need more from their petulant Pro Bowl receiver than a profanity-laced tirade and excuses for his lack of production this week against Philadelphia.”

Fellow receiver Devin Street also claimed that Taylor called him a “n*****,” which Bryant addressed. Taylor, like Bryant and Street, is black.