‘Deflategate’ science project: 7th grader disproves Tom Brady’s ‘Deflategate’ – Details

Updated: March 12, 2016
'Deflategate' science project: 7th grader disproves Tom Brady's "Deflategate"

Tom Brady’s ‘Deflategate’ Innocence Spelled Out by Seventh-Grade Science Project.

A seventh grader named is Ben Goddell is one of the top trends on Wednesday morning. He’s not related to NFL commissioner Roger Goddell, but he is a football and science buff from Lynn, Massachusetts. You can only imagine he’s a die hard Patriots fan.

But this week he’s a scientist extraordinaire and his story is all over the internet. From the Boston Sun Times to the New York Post, details about Goddell’s science project have leaked out.

He came up with the hypothesis that all weather conditions can reduce the PSI of a properly aired up football. He then took several footballs, inflated them to the proper level then exposed each ball to different weather conditions, including humidity, snow, wind chill, and cold and ice.

On every instance, according to the seventh grader’s study, the football became a little softer and the minimum reduced PSI count was 2, with some conditions caused a higher deflation.

Ben Goddell won the most outstanding project at his school science fair and Roger Goddell is still certain that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were up to no good two seasons ago.