David Cassidy : Actor gives car crash interview on This Morning “Watch”

David Cassidy gives car crash interview on This Morning - Watch

David Cassidy left TV viewers squirming on Friday with a live interview in which he shouted at the presenters, demanded they stop quizzing him about his bankruptcy filing, and accused them of trying to “rubbish” him.

The 65-year-old – best remembered as the swoon-inducing star of sitcom The Partridge Family, as well as the man behind a string of hit singles including 1973 chart-topper Daydreamer, appeared on the show via live link-up from his home in Florida.

Things kicked off awkwardly as David – who recently declared bankruptcy – told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that things were ‘absolutely wonderful’, refusing to change his tune when Eamonn asked him ‘How are they really?’

Oh dear. And it didn’t really get any better as he insisted the bankruptcy had not been ‘difficult at all’.

‘I got my advice from my attorneys who said this is the opportunity you have as you’re going through a divorce, so it’s just reorganising that’s all.’

Still, Eamonn pressed on, addressing the subject of his debts, only to be told: ‘I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re asking me about my debts…I’m not going to discuss that.

‘Are you here to rubbish me, is that it?’ he pointedly asked the pair.

Yikes. We’re actually a little bit scared now.

An attempt to change the subject and discuss his career didn’t really help matters much, as Ruth asked how supportive his fans had been – only for him to snap ‘Don’t interrupt me!’ at her – although he later suggested technical difficulties hadn’t really helped.

‘What’s difficult for me with this transaction that we’re doing here is that I hear echoes and it’s very difficult to concentrate,’ he told the presenters as he patted his earpiece.

Eamonn later apologised to viewers. saying: ‘Folks, we only ask the questions, it’s up to them to answer them.’

He also drank his own toast to David later on, downing a glass of red wine as he told Ruth: ‘My darling, as you know, I don’t drink. Today I’m going to make an exception. David Cassidy, here’s to you!’