David Beckham, son involved in car accident – Watch

Updated: November 30, 2014
David Beckham, son involved in car accident - Watch

David Beckham has been involved in a car accident after picking his eldest son Brooklyn up from a football match.

According to reports the pair were left “shaken” but escaped serious injury after the airbags were deployed in David’s Audi.

Arsenal under-16s team member Brooklyn had just finished playing in a match against Brighton’s under-16s. The father-son duo were just leaving when their car collided with another vehicle.

A source close to Victoria’s husband said: “They were shaken. It was quite a heavy prang at quite a speed but everybody walked away uninjured. Everybody’s fine. Thankfully the car’s airbags deployed.”

Brighton player Thomas Cadman, posted on Twitter: “Weird to play against Brooklyn Beckham earlier. Even weirder to be currently stuck behind David Beckham as he has crashed his car.”

Arsenal signed Brookyln on a short-term contract in November. Plans for sealing a long-term deal next summer may also be on the cards if the 15-year-old continues to shine.