David Beckham leaves a $900 tip on a $100 bill : Best and worst tippers

Updated: October 23, 2014
David Beckham leaves a $900 tip on a $100 bill : Best and worst tippers

David Beckham may be living the posh life with Posh Spice, but he’s willing to share the wealth. He stopped in with some teammates from LA Galaxy at Joxer Daily’s Pub in Culver City, CA, where the gang had a few beers and pub snacks (though Becks apparently stuck to mineral water).

After racking up a $100 tab, Beckham simply added a zero to the total bill, tipping the waitress an extra $900

The former LA Galaxy star is attempting to launch a brand new MLS side in the Florida city of Miami but needs to settle on a sit to develop a stadium before anything further goes ahead.

MLS vice-president Dan Courtemanche told BBC that Beckham has not yet decided on where he will develop and must do so in order for the franchise to become a reality.

“He needs to complete his stadium plan before he finalises his expansion agreement,” said Courtemanche.

“He looked at a couple of different sites, one was right in the harbour of Miami and one was also on the waterfront next to the American Airlines Arena were the Miami Heat play.”

However, it is believed that Beckham and his investment team including Bolivian businessman Marcelo Claure are making progress in their pursuit of a stadium ahead of their proposed 2017 entry into MLS.