Darius McCrary : “Family Matters” actor Arrested For Skipping Child Support

Darius McCrary : "Family Matters" actor Arrested For Skipping Child Support

Darius McCrary, best known as Steve Urkel’s neighbor Eddie on Family Matters, was arrested and jailed on Wednesday, March 25, for being behind on his child support payments.

Darius McCrary went before a judge in Michigan on Wednesday, TMZ reports, and was given the choice to write a check or spend 14 days behind bars.

Unsurprisingly, the actor chose to put some of his Family Matters residuals to work and pay what he owed. He was released after just a couple of hours.

In 2014, Darius McCrary was reported to have full custody of his son, Zechariah, after initially agreeing to share legal guardianship with the little one’s mother, who is from Michigan. It seems that the custody arrangement changed in the past year. At the time, he described fatherhood as being “a joy.”

“It’s my greatest role to date,” he continued. “Zech is just so awesome. He just reminds me every day of the responsibility I have as a man and a father. Not only to him but to myself. The better I am for me, the better I am for him.”