Danny Baker To Quit Broadcasting After Jungle “Swansong”

Danny Baker To Quit Broadcasting After Jungle 'Swansong'
Danny Baker To Quit Broadcasting After Jungle 'Swansong'

Danny Baker ‘to quit broadcasting’ next year.

The outspoken star said he has “no ambition” to stay on TV and has contemplated making a move to the US next year.

He said: “I have been doing telly now for 40 years, I am 60 next year and I’ve got no ambition left to be on telly anymore.

“So when this came around, rather than disappearing quietly, I thought ‘why not do one last big television programme?’ and why wouldn’t you do this show, it’s great.”

His late entry might ruffle some feathers amongst the celebrities who have got along well so far in the divisive-free camp.

Danny continued: “I have exhaustive showbiz anecdotes and 311 show times that will keep everybody amused up to the point where they want to strangle me!”

The 59-year-old claimed he doesn’t have any phobias but he should be scared of his family and friends after he admitted he hasn’t told anybody about his stint on the ITV show.

He said: “I don’t know how they are going to react when they realise I am not around. I have got several big projects on and it’s not going to be helpful I am disappearing!”

The married father-of-three will join Homes Under The Hammers star Martin Roberts as they make their way into the jungle on tonight’s show.

Ahead of his time in Australia, Danny blasted the BBC for “cowardly” sacking radio legend Tony Blackburn over unfounded historic sex allegations.

“I thought it was revolting. I thought it was a load of cowardly management trying to say, ‘Yeah, we can do the right thing’.”

Danny was also sacked by the BBC in 2012 for calling chiefs “pinhead weasels” on his London radio show.

But Danny is eager to follow in Tony’s footsteps who was crowned the show’s first King of the Jungle in 2002.

His appearance comes six years after he was diagnosed with cancer in the throat and mouth and will have to wear a scarf in the jungle at all times to protect his neck from UV rays.

But the tough star said nothing can compare to a life threatening illness: “There’s no comparison at all, I had no life lessons, I beat it.”