Dallas Seavey Beats Out Dad to Win 2016 Iditarod Race “Watch”

Updated: March 16, 2016
Dallas Seavey Beats Out Dad to Win 2016 Iditarod Race - Watch

Dallas Seavey has entered an elite group, winning his third straight Iditarod, and fourth title overall. Focus and patience paid off for the Willow, Alaska musher in this year’s race.

Dallas Seavey finished the 975-mile race early Tuesday at 2:20 a.m., with Mitch crossing exactly 45 minutes later.

They were the lone finishers so far according to the Iditarod website’s race tracker.

In his 10th race, an exuberant Dallas Seavey ran alongside his sled at the end, high-fiving fans and pumping his fist as he crossed the snowy finish line in Nome.

“It was a heck of a trip all the way from the start,” he said after his win. “It was ups and downs. It wasn’t as straightforward as last time. It came together with an awesome little team.”

The Seaveys exchanged leads throughout the race’s second half. Dallas Seavey, however, had about a 40-minute edge coming into White Mountain, where mushers must take an eight-hour rest about 77 miles from the finish line.

He maintained that lead in the home stretch. Seavey became the seventh musher to win four races, leaving him one short of the record held by Rick Swenson.

Seavey, who takes home $75,000 and a Dodge Ram truck, fought a cold and congestion for the first two-thirds of the race.

“That was the most tired I’ve ever been on the Iditarod,” he said. “But this team started coming together, and I started patching myself up a little bit. The last couple of days have been pretty amazing.”

Schroeder, 38, had passed through Elim at 2:55 a.m., with 95 miles to go in his race.

The Warba native stood in 25th place. Schroeder was running with 10 dogs. Dallas Seavey crossed the line with six dogs, his father 10.

Brett Saas and Aliy Zirkle, Alaskan residents and race veterans, were covering the last 77 miles beginning late last night.

Zirkle overcame an attack days ago of her dog team by a snowmobiler who later admitted to being blacked-out drunk on the trail; he was charged with a number of crimes, including for running into and killing a dog on past champion Jeff King’s team. As of late last night, King was still racing along in 10th place despite the tragedy.