Dallas Baby Giraffe : $50000 paid to name baby giraffe

Dallas Baby Giraffe : $50000 paid to name baby giraffe

The newest baby at the Dallas Zoo will soon be known by a name other than “little guy.”

Naming rights for the baby giraffe, which was welcomed to the zoo on October 29, were auctioned for $50,000 Saturday to a zoo and animal supporter.

All of the money raised will go directly to giraffe conservation in Africa.

The zoo welcomed its newest edition last Sunday. The calf weighed 120 pounds and was six feet tall when he was born.

“Zoo To Do” is a major source of funding for the Dallas Zoological Society. The money is used to support education, entertainment, and wildlife conservation efforts.

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    Mom is so tall it took a second to scroll down then I saw him., what a wonderful way to gather money for this project as well as get others together to participate. He really is a cutie!