Cub Scouts Nudist Beach – Watch : Parents outraged at Cub Scout trip to Black’s Beach

Cub Scouts Nudist Beach - Watch : Parents outraged at Cub Scout trip to Black's Beach

A group of young Boy Scouts on a planned hike at Torrey Pines State Beach last weekend unwittingly ended up at Black’s Beach, an area known for nude beachgoers, Scouts officials said.

According to Scouts officials, the group — which consisted of several young children, some parents and adult volunteers — were at the beach on Jan. 24.

It was supposed to be a nature hike through Torrey Pines State Park. Diane Lekven and her husband Erik snapped a photo just before the hike got started on January 24. They say what their 4th grade son and about half a dozen other kids were exposed to was far too much – dozens and dozens of nude people at Black’s Beach.

The couple says they couldn’t believe the pack master of Troop 766, Desmond Wheatley, had led them on a trail through the area, which is known as a nude beach.

Their son was with a group of kids farther ahead of the parents. Diane ran to them.

“When I got up there I said ‘Hey what are you doing? We’re in the middle of a nudist beach.’ He said ‘This is a naturalist beach, and my family and I go through here all the time it’s not a big deal.’ And I got really angry,” Diane said.

She says it was too late to turn back, because they’d just be walking back through the same environment.

“I was nauseated because I’ve never seen just a bunch of nude people walking around holding hands, strange people that I don’t know,” she said.

The couple filed a complaint with the Boy Scouts, but were told it didn’t go against their policy.