Criticism will be forgotten once Wentz is back on field – (News)

Criticism will be forgotten once Wentz is back on field –

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was the subject of a January article featuring criticism from several unnamed Eagles players who called him selfish, uncompromising and unwilling to be questioned among other negative takes on his manner with the team.

Other Eagles players pushed back against those claims and Wentz took issue with some of them while also saying that he is “not going to sit here and say it was inaccurate and completely made up.”

Wide receiver Jordan Matthews, who returned to the Eagles in 2018 and is on of Wentz’s close friends, said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he thought the criticism was misguided. He said that there should be “grace applied” from teammates to “any slip in character” given what Wentz has gone through physically the last two years and added that he thinks it will all fall by the wayside once Wentz is back on the field.

“Just reading it, obviously, it was definitely a stretch,” Matthews said. “It feels like you’re reading a scary story you read to your kid. It’s such a stretch. And so, I think the second Carson goes out there, they’ll play the Rocky theme music, he’ll start ballin’ and it’ll all be forgotten.”

As an impending free agent, Matthews may not be around when Wentz is back in the lineup but he’s probably not wrong about bygones being bygones if Wentz plays well and the Eagles win games. Anything else is likely to lead to more questions about how all the pieces fit in Philadelphia.