Creed Singer Homeless : Creed’s Scott Stapp Reveals He’s Homeless in Jarring New Video

Creed Singer Homeless : Creed's Scott Stapp Reveals He's Homeless in Jarring New Video
Creed Singer Homeless : Creed's Scott Stapp Reveals He's Homeless in Jarring New Video

Creed singer Scott Stapp ‘homeless and broke’, In a 15-minute video posted to Facebook Wednesday, Stapp said an audit into his personal finances and record company revealed that money had been stolen and royalties had not been paid.

“I’m sure you’ve heard the many rumors and slanderous, libelous accusations over the last few weeks,” Stapp says at the beginning of the video. “First, I was dead … Then there were rumors that I’m on drugs and drinking and relapsed and in rehab, all these other things. That’s also a lie … I’m sober as can be.”

After addressing these rumors about his sobriety, Stapp then reveals that he is “penniless” and that “there are people who have taken advantage and stolen money” from him. “They’re trying to discredit me, slander me,” he says. “Someone had used my information and changed my online passwords to my bank accounts and transferred all the money out of my bank accounts so I had nothing.”

To make matters worse, Stapp reveals that the IRS has frozen his bank accounts due to a “clerical error” and will be returning his money in “nine to 10 months,” which he plans to battle in court.

“I’m gonna fight every single individual that is responsible for this,” he says. “Right now I’m looking for an honest, good attorney that’s ready to fight and take it all the way to the top.”

Because of his financial situation, Stapp says he has been living in his truck for the last few weeks, but is currently living at a Holiday Inn.

This video comes just days after Stapp’s wife Jaclyn filed for divorce from the singer, according to The Miami Herald. Jaclyn Stapp claims that her husband disappeared from their home in Boca Raton, Florida, in early October and has not been heard from since. She also claims that her husband “has threatened to kill himself and harm his family.”

Rolling Stone points out that Stapp attempted suicide back in 2006, but was talked out of it by rapper T.I., who happened to be staying at the same hotel at the time.