Cowboys fan sues NFL for $88 billion over reversed call, Report

Updated: January 24, 2015
Cowboys fan sues NFL for $88 billion over reversed call, Report

Cowboys fan sues NFL for $88 billion for controversial reversed call.

Terry Hendrix has filed a lawsuit against the NFL, seeking a highly specific $88,987,654,321.88 from the league.

His handwritten lawsuit was officially filed on Wednesday, seeking money “for but not limited to: negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and also reckless disregard.”

He went on to call the reversal a “fraud” that caused “true injury” to the Cowboys.

He specifically names NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino, and referee Gene Steratore in the complaint.

“Dean Blandino, Gene Steratore, and Roger Goodell are wrong and have stolen a victory from the plaintiffs,” Hendrix scribbled. “The Cowboys’ offensive line would have perfectly created an ‘Autobahn’ for DeMarco Murray to drive into the endzone for the score and victory.”

Hendrix says he will serve as “counsel” for “Dez Bryant, all Dallas Cowboys fans and all people in and from the sovereign republic of Texas.”

Hendrix has also filed an additional application to bring the case to trial without having to pay court fees.

Check out the full handwritten “lawsuit”: