Cory McCloskey : TV meteorologist cruises through weather map mishap

Updated: February 1, 2015
Cory McCloskey : TV meteorologist cruises through weather map mishap

Cory McCloskey, Phoenix Weatherman Has Hilarious Response When Weather Map Accidentally Displays Apocalyptic Temperatures

Fox 10 Phoenix’s Cory McCloskey handled a blazing curveball during Tuesday afternoon’s broadcast with a hilariously faulty map, starting off with a temperature map of the entire state of Arizona, noting casually “Wow, 750 degrees in Gila Bend right now” when the incorrect temperature was shown on the graphic.

Then, a map of the Phoenix metro area was shown, which included temperatures up to 2,960 degrees.

Instead of melting under the incorrect figures, McCloskey had fun with the forecast.

“1,270 in Ahwatukee right now … I’m not authorized to evacuate, but that temperature seems pretty high,” he said.

He then went on to pick out the other bad numbers on the board, saying Wickenburg — temperature 2,385 — “is a total loss,” then noting that the temperature in Cave Creek would be hot enough to boil steel, and adding with a laugh “don’t even bother looting up there… it’s not going to be worth it.”

Fox 10 Phoenix’s Facebook page afterward said of the errors in the graphics “In the world of live news sometimes technology just doesn’t cooperate. That’s why it’s important to have smart people who can handle the heat.”