Cop Punching Woman On Camera – Watch: US police officer punches black woman in face, no charges filed

Cop Punching Woman On Camera - Watch: US police officer punches black woman in face, no charges filed

Cop Punching Woman On Camera, Seattle Police Officer Adley Shepherd, 38, was caught on camera during a July 22 arrest throwing a vicious punch at a handcuffed woman’s face. The woman, Miyekko Durden-Bosley, suffered a fractured right eye socket from the punch.

King County prosecutors said criminal charges would not be filed against the officer who broke the 23-year-old woman’s eye socket.

The incident was filmed on the police officer’s dashboard camera.

Police responded to a domestic violence call and tried to arrest the woman.

According to prosecutors, Shepherd was placing the woman under arrest and Bosley kicked the officer. He then responded by punching her in the face.

“While Officer Shepherd may have had other options or alternatives, we have concluded that we would be unable to prove that Officer Shepherd’s use of force was criminal,” prosecutors said in a statement.

The officer has been on administrative leave for the past six months.

The video emerged amid grand jury decisions in Missouri and New York that cleared police officers of any wrongdoing in the deaths of two unarmed black men.

White police officer Darren Wilson shot dead black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August and white officer Daniel Pantaleo killed Eric Garner in New York City in July.

The chokehold death of Garner was recorded on videos that have been widely seen and have contributed to the public outrage. In the video, Garner repeatedly told police officers “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!”

There have been many protests against police violence since grand jury decisions across the United States.

A group of UN human rights experts on Friday urged the United States to put an end to racial profiling in the country.

The experts said that sending the two cases to trial would have brought all evidence to light and allowed justice to take its course.

  • KT

    This is why everyone is upset with law enforcement. I understand that their jobs are difficult but they are supposed to be better than the rest of us. How hard could she have kicked him? His retaliatory response to viciously punch her in the face was something you would expect from a regular person not someone who is trained to handle these types of situations. If she had kicked her boyfriend and he responded by punching her in the face he would have been arrested and vilified. The officer was driven by emotion and vengeance not the reason, self control and professionalism we expect from those in positions of power.

    • Warren Browder

      You obviously have no experience with violence. It doesn’t take much to injure someone, and with the legs being the strongest limbs of the human body, it doesn’t take much to do serious damage. Additionally, the lady was resisting arrest. She had no call to attack this officer. The video clearly shows the officer being courteous and GENTLE with her. The attack was unprovoked.
      The next thing is the Officers’ race. See anything? Yeah, he’s Black. So, so NO CHARGE OF RACISM! Oops. Sorry, no Identity Politics here. What is missing is the fact that Black People feel they have the right to do anything they wish, and no one has the right to say anything about it.
      If you want less racism in the world, try being less racist yourself.

      • Pixie5

        If her legs were such a threat, then how did the cop get close enough to her to punch her? She was in an enclosed space and could not go anywhere once he got in the car with her. Her legs were restrained because there was no room for her to kick. At any rate he had the option of grabbing her legs to stop her from kicking.

        Well, the cop may not have been racist but I can tell you are. That is probably why you are an ex-cop. Now you are just bitter against the black race who “took” your job away from you.

      • Mark Gessner

        Did she resist a lawful arrest? What charges does she face? BTW you have a constitutional right to resist an unlawful arrest. Problem with it being unlawful is the corrupted courts protect police from brutality claims.

  • Hahahs

    Okay first I do not agree with punching a women, but people read carefully, why in hell did she kick him, for craps sake just take the arrest don’t kick the cop, but there are faults to both side he should have restrained her instead of repeadlty attacking her.

    • Warren Browder

      First, she WAS restrained. Second, he did NOT repeatedly attack her. He struck her ONCE. It’s called proportion. As far as striking a women, why do women get a free pass to attack men, simply because they are women? If we are going for equal treatment, it has to work both ways. For say so, many men are victims of spousal abuse by their wives, but the prevailing attitude is that, “You are a Man. Why do you let this woman attack you?”
      The reasons are varied, but normally revolve around access to their children. Women seem to feel no compunction to play fair, using every stratagem they can to get their way, then playing the gender card when things aren’t the way they want them.
      Not all women, but like other groups, far too many. And all women take the hit as a result.

  • Hahahs

    And as for the other arrests with the kid rice, he should not have brought a BB gun in public, what kind of parents did he have, and also with Eric Garner the cops just killed him for no reason he did not even fight nor resist ,he just let go to be arrested, they attacked him, people please understand cops are stupid, and one in America with a basic iq could be a police moron officer it’s basic training, they need to teach cops to properly restrain people instead of just using teaching them to shoot first questions later. Cops aren’t special their morons who are trained basic mostly with guns. please read this and think to your selfs before asking questions.

    • Hahahs

      Oh, and my name is not suppose to be funny I just made a stupid random account to post this message, thanks for reading and have a good day.

    • DevilDog

      Hahahs….. yep, you get your dipsh!t badge and you wear that thing proudly you poor little dumb @$$! You are most certainly a fukktard, I would say you’re retarded because you’re obviously mentally challenged but that’s an insult to them because they aren’t ignorant fukking @$$ clown’s like you! Stay in your moms basement where you belong but please stop embarrassing yourself and stay off of the fukking computer ya dumb fukk!

      • Hahahs

        Wow I bet your just mad, fucking retarded moron. Go kill yourself

    • Warren Browder

      And you are obviously a cut above. Police officers ARE NOT taught to respond with extreme violence. Just the opposite. Before the advent of Tasers, most Police Officers who were killed in the line of duty by armed suspects were reaching for their night stick when they were killed, not their side arm.
      Like you, I can comment only on what the video shows. What were the other circumstances? Had the Police taken fire in this area before? Had an officer or civilians been shot at random here? If you were a Combat Veteran, you would understand.
      Also, why was someone so young acting like a thug? He obviously knew the chance he was taking, and he deliberately acted in a manner threatening to the police.
      You haven’t been there, as a combat veteran, or a police officer. I have. I don’t expect you to take my word. I do expect you to do some basic research , and take the time to THINK before you speak.
      If you truly believe cops are morons, join the force, and raise the intelligence level.

  • KT

    I saw an article that says police are upset that they are being stereotyped as violent, abusive and racist. This is funny coming from a group who have themselves engaged constantly in the stereotyping of others- especially blacks. No it is not a good feeling to have your entire group negatively stereotyped because of the actions of a bad subset within that group. It doesn’t feel good does it. Doesn’t feel fair. Well that is what blacks have been saying for decades to no avail. The thing is the stereotyping has deadly consequences for the black community because the police are called on us often because we look “suspicious.” I would like to know how often the police are called on whites for looking suspicious. If it happens often then I stand corrected but from what I have seen the police are called on whites when they are actively engaged in wrong doing or criminal activity. The police are called to prevent black people from “possibly” engaging in illegal activity. Then we are told this is not racism but it is being prudent because—–. You can fill in the blank. “There have been multiple robberies in the neighborhood or the store has been broken into lots of times”. As well as other seemingly (on the surface) logical reasonable excuses. The truth is many of these deadly police encounters with blacks would never occur except for racial stereotyping. If Travon Martin had been white- regardless of how many breakings had occurred in that community- there would have been no contact between him and Zimmerman because Zimmerman would not have approached him unless he was actively engaged in a crime and he was seen actually breaking and entering into someone’s property. Likewise white kids are not shot for playing with toy guns because the cops are only called if they actually shoot someone. No police contact no death of an innocent child. Whites are judged for doing something wrong- blacks are judged for what they “might” do. If that isn’t racist I don’t know what is. The guy that was walking back and forth in front of a store with his hands in his pockets would not have had the cops called on him if he was white – again because he would have to actually walk into the store and attempt to rob it for the cops to be called. A cop defended the store owner’s actions because “he had been robbed 7 times before” as if that made it ok. I wonder if the 7 previous robbers also paced back and forth in front of the store before robbing it because then I will also stand corrected. I don’t know much about thieves but I don’t think they often pace back and forth in front of a store with their hands in their pockets trying to draw attention to themselves before robbing the store. Whites are in a deliberate state of denial about their criminal justice system. The criminal part is reserved for the treatment of blacks by the system and the justice part is for the treatment of the whites so of course they don’t get that blacks are being treated unjustly because that is not their experience. I didn’t even know that cops had the discretion of issuing a warning to a motorist for speeding when pulled over. I only discovered that after see the reality show about traffic cops. I do not know of any black person who was ever pulled over by a cop to just get a warning. Apparently giving warnings and no tickets to whites caught speeding was quite wide spread. The truth is cops have wide latitude to enforce laws or not and the reason blacks are upset is that for decades they showed a very heavy hand in enforcing laws against blacks that they routinely turned a blind eye to when whites were engaged in the exact same activity. When blacks make small transgressions whites in general are very quick to disapprove or enforce the rule or law or what have you. Maybe it is the hyper-vigilance honed from years of watching our every move and making sure we didn’t step out of line or god forbid drink out of the wrong fountain marked for whites only. I am very happy to see that many of the protesters of the police abuse of the black community are white. Most sites reporting on the protests seem to make a concerted effort not to mention that fact. Things are changing among the hearts and the minds of many whites who have a conscience and who are brave enough to stand up for what is right. That is not enough though the laws have to change. Police cannot continue to close ranks and protect those who do wrong. You cannot effectively enforce laws that you consider yourself to be above. It damaged your credibility among those you seek to enforce the laws upon. You are being stereotyped because you are acting like a clique and anyone in your police clique is untouchable no matter what atrocities they may engage in. That has to end or there will be no peace or reconciliation. We have a chance to heal this nation but we have to change the laws as well so the law enforcers are also governed by those laws they swear to uphold and defend.

    • Warren Browder

      Your talk of racism is entertaining, especially with the latent racism you display in your comment. Virtually everything you say is contradicted by other comments you make.
      For the record, Trayvon Martin had committed a series of crimes before being killed during the attempted murder of George Zimmerman. Last I heard, murder is illegal, even if the person attempting the murder is Black. NO ONE, regardless of race, has a free pass on murder. As far as Darren Wilson, he was actively assaulting a Police Officer when he was killed.
      As far as the ticketing process, people will not allow Police Officers to NOT ticket them. when an officer tries to be nice, simply go with a warning, people allege harassment. I know firsthand. I lost my job as a police officer for just this reason.
      Second, it is established fact that Black people are much more violent than White people. Crime of every sort is endemic in the Black community, and the reaction, at least publicly, is that no one has a right to say anything about it. A young Black girl (15 years old) was raped in my home town. The Black communities reaction was instructive. Black men said, “She’ supposed to give it up, that’s what it’s for.” Black women said, “What’s she crying about? She ain’t no better than anybody else.”
      Blacks are much more likely to resist arrest, be involved in drug use and sales, and commit violent crime of every category than any other racial group, although Hispanics are rapidly overtaking Blacks simply by sheer force of numbers. As far as no justice, no peace – why don’t you comment on all the young Black people murdered by other Black people? Or am I being Racist?

      • Pixie5

        “when an officer tries to be nice, simply go with a warning, people allege harassment. I know firsthand. I lost my job as a police officer for just this reason.”

        Yeah, right. I rather think that there was more to your being fired, if you really were a cop in the first place.

        “Second, it is established fact that Black people are much more violent than White people”

        There goes any credibility that you had. While it may be appropriate to say that about certain subsets of the black community, you are smearing the whole black race. That makes you a racist.

        I guess you would be horrified to know that black and Hispanic blood have been grafted onto my white family tree in this generation. None of them are violent. In fact my nephew, who is black, Hispanic, and white, is on the honor roll in high school, and in junior high he won the NASA Math and Science Award.

        Violence by blacks has to do with the communities in which they live, not because blacks are inherently violent. And even so, most of the black people who live in bad neighborhoods are not violent.

        I don’t give a damn that you were a cop. You sound like a bad one to me and I am glad you are no longer one.

      • Pixie5

        BTW, approximately the same percentage of white people kill other white people, as blacks kill blacks. Funny how no one talks about that! So yes, you are being racist!

    • Olivia Medlin

      First of all the officer in this case appears to be black, so I don’t think he’s a racist… secondly only black kids get shot for having toy guns? tell that to this kid and don’t give me the brown kid bullshit because this kid looks white, he doesn’t even have brown eyes… the saddest part about your little speech is that you only hear about it when it’s a white person doing something to a black person because it fits the narrative, there is FAAAAAR more black on white crime, black on black crime and black crime in general but it’s so normal it’s not news, so really who is racist here???????????????? You sound like a fairly intelligent person, albeit misled, surely you can admit that blacks harm each other more than whites harm them so where is the outrage???

  • DevilDog

    She’s a nasty ghetto @$$ hood rat who got EXACTLY what she deserved! I don’t nor have I ever condoned violence against women and I’ve never layed my hands on a female but if you are a woman and are going to act like a man and commit assault ESPECIALLY against a police officer then you deserve the same in return! I’m sick and tired of seeing these thug @$$ b!tches throwing punches, kicking, biting, pulling hair acting like fukking animals and ignorantly thinking no one will touch them because they are females, fukk that! Keep your fukking hands and feet to yourself and you won’t get your @$$ beat you dirty nasty skanky @$$in ho’s! I have and ALWAYS will respect women, this filthy tramp is NOT a woman though! Women don’t act like this piece of sh!t did, they may disagree or even argue at times but they DON’T act out in a violent manner! I’d be willing to bet this ghetto @$$ b!tch thinks twice before pulling another stunt like this! lol Hopefully she learned her lesson but it’s doubtful, she is after all a mouthy @$$ whore from the ghetto’s!

    • Hahahs

      See I’m neither white nor black, but your plain ignorant god will punish you if not you will punish yourself, I hope you have a sad pain full life a die the same way you simple minded ignorant, piece of garbage. I bet no one loves you, bye loser.

  • Pixie5

    Sooo….the only way that he could restrain her was to punch her in the face? Sorry but he was not hurt by her kicking and he could have easily just grabbed her legs since she was handcuffed. In fact he had to GET INTO THE CAR to punch her which means he ALREADY had the situation under control. He just wanted vengence. While she was wrong to resist that is no justification to break her damn eye socket for God’s sake! Police brutality is never right, even if the suspect is resisting. They are supposed to use the minimum amount of force to get the situation under control and this woman was no threat to him at all. Anyone who justifies police brutality by using the excuse that the person was wrong for resisting does not know or care about the law at all. No one deserves what happened to this woman unless there is actually a real reason for the cop to think he is in danger. Being pissed off at a black woman does not count!

    • Warren Browder

      Pixie5, you have obviously never been a Police Officer, and have never been assaulted. I have been both. The young lady WAS NOT under control. While the officer WAS being respectful, the young woman attacked HIM. Everyone has the right to protect themselves, even a Police Officer. The only way to prevent an attack of this kind would have been to use leg manacles, which the evidence shows were NOT justified before she attacked the officer.
      If you listen to the officer, his jaw is injured. The “proper restraining methods” you advocate do exist, but they are for suspects the officer is attempting to restrain, not people who are already in restraints.
      As far as being pissed off at a Black woman, HAVE YOU TAKEN A LOOK AT THE POLICE OFFICER? He looks Black to me! Oops, sorry. Again, no identity politics here. It isn’t about Race. It’s about people who feel they are above the Law, regardless of their race or gender.

      • Pixie5

        It is difficult from the video to determine the officer’s skin color so you may be right. However can you explain to me why you think a woman is restraints is a bigger threat than one without restraints?

        I am fully aware that she attacked him by her kicking. However if a cop has to use extreme violence to control a woman in handcuffs then I have to wonder about his competency. Why did he not just hold her down? By leaning over her in the car to punch her he was already restraining her with his body weight.

        I may not be a cop but I do know a little about non-violent crisis intervention as experts in the mental health field use it. You will have to try a lot harder than you have to convince me that extreme violence was necessary in this case.


    Choices have consequences, this combative vindictive woman, with all of her like-minded kind, fell that they can physically violate and assault a cop while being taken into custody while resisting arrest! Ultimately, she got more than she thought she should have gotten. Tough cookies! Life can get really rough when you buck up against the law keepers which are duly authorized to apprehend her against their will; no matter what she, and her like-minded, thinks, she will be held responsible for her actions. The lesson here IS THE SAME AS THE LAST TWO RECENT MALE DEATHS, when being neutralized for the safety of the investigating officer or placed under arrest, “DO NOT RESIST” – because you will lose every time! Morally, THIS IS A SIN against society! Jesus’ moral law against sin is as concrete as our legislative systems laws. Furthermore, facts are stubborn evidences in life. Namely, sin will always take you farther than you ever want to go, keep you longer than you ever wanted to stay, cost you more than you ever want to pay, ruins your situation worst rather than making it any better as you would intend it to be, but moreover, will damn your soul to a hell that you were never meant to be sent. Finally, it is not against the law nor is it sin to just humbly submit oneself to the authorities that be and reserve the fighting to the place designed to battle it out – the court room. Our court system may not be all it is kicked-up to be but it is still the “BEST IN THE WORLD” we currently live in ~ so deal with it.

  • Moana Patane-Gasu

    I have no empathy for the suspect. She thought it would be okay to assault an officer during an arrest? No. Don’t cry foul play because you think your actions are justifiable You just messed with the wrong cop on the wrong day. SWALLOW that PRIDE, deep.

  • Tim McDowell

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