Clooney Loses Job To Robot Nestle : Wait, What? Actor George Clooney Loses Job To a Robot

Updated: December 4, 2014
Clooney Loses Job To Robot Nestle : Wait, What? Hollywood Hunk George Clooney Loses Job To a Robot

Clooney Loses Job To Robot Nestle? Hollywood superstar George Clooney probably isn’t used to rejection…

But he had to deal with it recently when Nestle replaced him with a robot, “Pepper,” as their new brand ambassador.

Makers claim that not only is the robot chatty and friendly, it can also indulge in conversation. According to its engineers, the artificial intelligence of the robot is ever expanding its conversational skills by listening to consumers.

The robot has a 4 foot tall body, and has a face resembling a human face which rests on a white plastic body. It also has a tablet pc like structure on its chest.

Around 1000 stores, all across Japan will be seen with their own robot very soon. Pepper is also touted to understand around 80 percent of conversations. According to a statement by Nestle and SoftBank, the company responsible for Pepper’s technology, “the robots will help us discover consumer needs through conversations between our customers and Pepper.”

Unveiled earlier this year in June by SoftBank, Pepper is also used for selling mobile phones throughout Japanese stores. The robot is also expected to go on sale to the public in February