Cleveland 100 Percent Joke : Johnny Manziel and Our Worst Fears Realized

Updated: January 25, 2015
Cleveland 100 Percent Joke : Johnny Manziel and Our Worst Fears Realized

Cleveland Browns teammate says Johnny Manziel was a ‘100 percent joke’ in 2014? The Johnny Manziel Experience may be a short lived one for the Cleveland Browns and their fans. First the coaches and owner made it clear that the quarterback situation is muddy and that they have no idea who the QB next year will be. Direct shots at Manziel. Then came the damning report from ESPN, full of quotes and information from inside the Browns:

Interviews by with nearly 20 Browns sources, both on the record and on condition of anonymity, along with several NFL personnel sources reveal the Manziel-related problems run deep.

As one player put it, Manziel throughout the entire 2014 season was a “100 percent joke.”

“During the draft process, not one person interviewed by the team said he was going to grow up,” said one source directly involved in the drafting of Manziel. “You can’t blame Johnny. This is who he is. The team knew that.”

“Johnny’s his own worst enemy,” one source said.

Some veterans “clearly didn’t want to play for [Manziel]” because of the lack of readiness, and they responded better to undrafted rookie Connor Shaw in part because he knew the plays, sources said.

“His thing would be he’s going to show up on Saturdays, ‘I’m a gamer.’ He’d show up for practices and games but that’s about it,” another source said. “Johnny thought he was an NFL superstar before he came [into the league].”

In two starts and five total games of action, Manziel completed 18 of 35 passes for 175 yards with two picks and no scores while being sacked three times. If he ever amounts to anything other than a backup QB in the NFL, it will probably be somewhere other than Cleveland.