Clemson recruit suffers serious knee injury while playing basketball – (News)

Clemson recruit suffers serious knee injury while playing basketball –

Brett Veach was right to worry about Patrick Mahomes playing basketball. Or, at a minimum, Veach has a reason to tell himself he was.

A four-star linebacker who has committed to Clemson suffered an apparent ACL tear while playing high-school basketball, via CFT. Bryson Constantin landed on his knee and felt a pop while playing a game for his Baton Rouge, Louisiana high school.

Some (like Friday’s PFT Live co-host Big Cat) will say the ACL was destined to tear anyway. Regardless, it tore not on grass but on wood, which could cause more gnashing of teeth regarding football players doing anything but playing and practicing football.

It shouldn’t. No athlete should reside in a bubble when not engaged in the athlete’s sport of choice. While that doesn’t mean they should take unreasonable risks, the benefit of staying in shape, competing, and working within the confines of a team (even if it has only three, four, of five members) from playing basketball typically outweighs the slim risk that the worst-case scenario will happen.

With thousands of football players in the country and many of them choosing basketball as a way to stay in shape in the offseason, injuries are inevitable. (Especially if/when a guy’s shoe explodes.) But if guys are going to shy away from basketball because of it, we’ll have plenty more stories about running backs supposedly ballooning to 260 pounds.