Clarkson’s Horrible First Pregnancy : Kelly Clarkson Reveals Pregnancy Drama

Clarkson's Horrible First Pregnancy : Kelly Clarkson Reveals Pregnancy Drama

Kelly Clarkson recently admitted she had “such a horrible pregnancy” while carrying her first child, River Rose Blackstock, who was born last June.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, she said: “I had to take longer off because I had such a horrible pregnancy.”

Speaking about motherhood, she added: “I love it. I love it. She’s pretty awesome and my husband is running from me because I want another one!”

The former ‘American Idol’ winner says having River has completely changed her outlook on life and she regrets having a selfish attitude on occasions in the past.

She explained: “I’m annoyed by my previous self. You have a baby and realise you worried about stupid stuff. In our job we get very self-involved and it’s nice to have a different perspective. I didn’t like me before, but I like me now.”

Kelly – who married talent manager Brandon in October 2013 – is releasing her seventh album ‘Piece by Piece’ in March and although she’s excited for the world to hear her new songs she will be able to handle any criticism due to her new outlook on life.

She said: “I love what I’m doing, but if people don’t, that’s cool. That’s another thing that comes with being a mom, I’ve got a baby girl and she’s awesome.”