Cincinnati zoo polar bear escape causes scare “Watch”

Cincinnati zoo polar bear escape causes scare

Two Cincinnati Zoo polar bears – “Little One” and “Berit” – escaped from a containment area through an open pen door Wednesday, according to zoo officials.

A polar bear breached its “behind the scenes” containment area at the Cincinnati Zoo on Wednesday.

According to zoo officials, the incident happened around 11:30 a.m. Visitors are “safe” and there have been no reported injuries to workers, visitors, or animals.

“At approximately 11:30am, Wednesday, March 16, 2016 our female polar bear Berit breached a behind the scenes containment area but was never loose in the zoo. The situation is ongoing and under control,” the zoo said in a statement. “There is no risk to staff or visitors in the park, but as a precaution guests were moved indoors. Visitors are safe to leave the park if they choose. There are no injuries to animal staff or visitors. We are currently working on resolving the situation.”

Some who say they were at the zoo during the incident took to social media shortly after learning what had happened:

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