Christopher Sena Las Vegas Sex Ring – Watch: Las Vegas dad filmed himself having sex with kids

Updated: December 18, 2014
Christopher Sena Las Vegas Sex Ring - Watch: Las Vegas dad filmed himself having sex with kids

Christopher Sena Las Vegas Sex Ring Raid: A family man arrested in the United States has been accused of being at the centre of ‘one of the most horrific sex rings in memory’, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said.

Christopher Sena, a ‘devoted family man’, was first arrested by police in September in Las Vegas on a sexual assault charge.

Among the most sickening and depraved of charges Christopher Sena is alleged to have forced two of his children to have sex with the family dog and filmed the act for a child pornography ring. A woman and a boy were allegedly forced to have sex with their parents, the three Senas, and again the acts were recorded for it be widely seen.

The shocking and sickening abuse of children was discovered in September when Deborah Sena, an adult and a child told a lawyer, who then informed police. Christopher Sena was arrested after a search of his home uncovered 30 video tapes of sexual abuse.

Deborah Sena is said to have left her husband in August, moving out of the home in Las Vegas where the alleged abuse occurred.

Sena was arrested on September 19, with his wife and ex-wife arrested on December 11.

Christopher Sena’s Facebook account shows pictures of his wife and children and a number of status updates about his family. In a caption for a video published on Father’s Day this year, Sena says he has the best family in the world.

“I started making this video about two weeks ago,” he wrote. “I noticed my family was looking a little down so I wanted to pep them up because I have the best family in the world. I love you guys.”

On August 6, Christopher Sena posted an old picture of his wife and he astride his motorbike.

“Some more beautiful pictures of me and my wife, don’t we make the best couple in the world, if you think so please give this a like and comment what you think. My wife is always doing something to make me laugh.”

Christopher Sena and Terrie Sena had three sons and a daughter together before they broke up in 1997. However Terrie continued to live with Christopher Sena and their children, even when he took a new wife.

Many of the charges carry life sentences.