Christopher Sena Las Vegas sex ring : Accused child sex abuser confronted in court

Updated: December 20, 2014
Christopher Sena Las Vegas sex ring

Christopher Sena Las Vegas sex ring – Report : A man confronted the suspect in a heinous case of sexual abuse of children in a Las Vegas court Thursday before being escorted out.

Police said 43-year-old Terrie Sena and her ex-husband, Christopher Sena, along with his wife Deborah, sexually abused their children for at least 12 years.

Christopher Pena was in court Thursday. His bail was raised to $1.3 million and multiple new charges were added. He is now facing nearly 60 charges in the case.

Debra Sena is also facing several charges. Her next court date isn’t until late next month.

Terrie Sena was a substitute teacher for the Clark County School District at the time of her arrest.

This case has been called one of the worst cases of sexual abuse ever seen in Las Vegas by the police department and district attorney.