Chris Rock cracks wise on 9/11, Boston Marathon

Chris Rock cracks wise on 9/11, Boston Marathon
Chris Rock cracks wise on 9/11, Boston Marathon

Chris Rock always sings for the fences. Sometimes he’s gonna knock it out of the park and sometimes he’s going to go for something that might make you slightly uncomfortable. That’s why he’s arguably one of the greatest stand up comedians of his generation. If you can’t deal with that you probably shouldn’t have watched his return to “Saturday Night Live” last night.

The cold open began with Cecily Strong as Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, grilling the quarantine-defying Ebola health worker (Kate McKinnon) and arguing with Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan).

Next, Chris took the stage to deliver the opening monologue – which focused on touchy topics including 9/11, gun control and the Boston Marathon bombing – to a very quiet studio audience.

“That was probably the most frightening, sadistic terrorist attack ever,” Chris said, referencing the Boston Marathon. “Their knees are hurting, their feet are killing them… You’ve been training for a year, you finally get to the finish line, and somebody screams: ‘Run!'”

Watch Chris’ monologue!

Prince was on hand as show’s musical guest, and performed an 8-minute-long medley, along with 3rdeyegirl.

Watch Prince’s performance.

One strong moment for the show came via digital short – a mock commercial for “Swiftamine,” a pill for vertigo induced by the realization that a person loves Taylor Swift’s music.

Chris Rock’s “SNL” hosting marks the first time the comedian has appeared on the show since 1996. He was a cast member from 1990-1993.