Chris Christie to National Guard Leader: “Lose Some Weight” – Watch

Updated: September 24, 2015
Chris Christie to National Guard Leader: Lose Some Weight

Chris Christie has given New Jersey National Guard leader General Michael Cunniff 90 days to lose weight, or else.

Chris Christie gave Air Force Brig. Gen. Michael Cunniff an ultimatum to lose the proper amount of weight within 90 days. Cunniff was reprimanded by the Pentagon over his weight and repeatedly dodging fitness tests. Christie’s staff said that the governor was unaware of Cunniff’s previous reprimands.

Naturally, one doesn’t have to explain the comedy or irony of Gov. Christie ordering someone to lose weight. Apparently, the New Jersey National Guard has been plagued by discrimination and retaliatory actions that make for a “toxic command climate” under Cunniff’s command.

Four senior officers in the New Jersey National Guard reported discriminatory misconduct committed by Cunniff and his deputy, Army Brig. Gen. James J. Grant. After Christie’s first appointee was forced to resign due to an affair scandal, the governor’s next pick was Cunniff. Whistleblower complaints against Cunniff prompted state and federal officials to open independent investigations.

Christie doesn’t actually care about the state of New Jersey’s National Guard or the cronyism, he just wants to send a message to win votes.