Chong Dancing With The Stars : Tommy and Peta Murgatroyd offer an emotional ‘DWTS’ goodbye

Updated: November 21, 2014
Chong Dancing With The Stars : Tommy and Peta Murgatroyd offer an emotional 'DWTS' goodbye

Chong Voted Off ‘Dancing With the Stars’, Comedian and his professional partner Peta Murgatroyd were eliminated in the Dancing with the Stars semifinals Monday night.

During a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America with his professional partner Peta Murgatroyd, Chong addressed how no one really expected him to make it as far as he did — to the semifinals in Week 10. Even Murgatroyd herself had admitted she anticipated being eliminated during the show’s first week.

“I thought we had a shot at the mirrorball to tell you the truth,” Chong explained on GMA. “And I was going to change the mirrorball into a mirrorbong.”

However, Chong said, “Just getting on the show was a big win for me. It was great.”

The couple’s rumba during Monday night’s show was their best performance of the season. They earned 34 out of 40 points from the Dancing with the Stars judges and received raving reviews for their magical dance in which Murgatroyd played a toy ballerina coming to life in Chong’s arms.

The routine, choreographed to a stripped-down version of “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell, was “so emotional,” according to Murgatroyd. “I thought they were just, like, the perfect characters for us to play.”

“Wasn’t it sweet?… She’s such a good actress,” Chong noted.

Murgatroyd revealed she talked to Chong through her teeth the whole time they performed, feeding him instructions of what to do next onstage. But the pro dancer’s little technique apparently wasn’t what made Chong successful on the show.

“What’s my secret?” Chong asked. “Beautiful women. My wife is beautiful; My partner is beautiful.”

With four couples now remaining, Dancing with the Stars’ nineteenth-season finals will begin airing next Monday night on ABC.