Chiefs try to end 25 years of playoff futility at Arrowhead – (News)

Chiefs try to end 25 years of playoff futility at Arrowhead –

Four days ago, the Chiefs celebrated a 25th anniversary that they’d rather not commemorate with silver, or anything else.

January 8, 1994. Steelers at Chiefs. Wild-card round. With Joe Montana at quarterback, the Chiefs beat the Steelers in overtime, 27-24, at Arrowhead Stadium.

Since then, the Chiefs haven’t won a single postseason game at Arrowhead Stadium. And they’ve played six there, losing each one.

1995 season, as the No. 1 seed, Jim Harbaugh and the Colts upended the Chiefs at Arrowhead, 10-7.

1997 season, again as the No. 1 seed, John Elway and the Broncos won a 14-10 game en route to the franchise’s first Super Bowl win.

Six years later, it was the Colts again. This time with Peyton Manning at quarterback and a 38-31 shootout. Seven years after that, the Ravens came to town and dished out a 30-7 defeat.

Next, a divisional-round loss to the Steelers in 2016 and a wild-card loss to the Titans in 2017. For the first time ever, the Chiefs will host a postseason game for the third straight year.

And the Colts are the perfect team against which to end the streak, or perhaps the perfect team to extend it. The Colts have produced a 4-0 record against the Chiefs in the postseason, and the Colts have as many playoff wins at Arrowhead Stadium as the Chiefs do: Two.

This time around, the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes. But they had Mahomes for a handful of high-stakes games this season, against the Patriots, Rams, Chargers, and Seahawks. And despite the best efforts of Mahomes, the Chiefs couldn’t win any of those contests.

Today, the Chiefs have a chance to reverse a trio of narratives, relating to their quarter-century of playoff futility at home, their inability to win big games in 2018, and their 0-for-4 all-time performance against the Colts in a single-elimination setting.