Chicago’s shirtless jogger in December goes viral “Watch”

Updated: December 15, 2015
Chicago's shirtless jogger in December goes viral - Watch

A hunky shirtless jogger who was caught running in the rain by a Chicago TV reporter has been become the city’s most eligible bachelor after his interview went viral.

WGN has found one of Chicago’s most eligible (and wet) bachelors, who has gone viral after the TV news station interviewed him while he was out for a shirtless jog in the rain.

“It’s a great day for a run. Too wet to wear a shirt, you know?” Ethan Renoe told a reporter on Sunday night while he was out for a run around Lake Michigan in unusually warm winter weather. “It’s awesome. I love running in the rain. And I’m also single, so give me a shout.”

The video posted on Facebook has been viewed more than 1.6 million times and has garnered over 20,000 likes, as well as 11,000 shares. And plenty of people have taken his advice and reached out to him.

“It’s really been crazy,” Renoe told WGN during a follow-up interview on Monday morning. “I have about 900 friend requests (on Facebook) right now.”

When asked if he’s still looking for love, he said, “I am.”

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