Chester, ‘bucket list’ dog, dies after ‘awesome final ride’

Chester, 'bucket list' dog, dies after 'awesome final ride'

Chester, ‘bucket list’ dog, dies after cancer struggle.

Senior dogs are hard enough to adopt out when they’re healthy, so the Animal Ark Rescue in Georgia knew it would be no easy task to find someone to care for Chester, a 14-year old pup suffering from terminal cancer. The elderly dog had a huge tumor on his head and was rescued in April from a high kill shelter to live out his final days in peace.

Fortunately Nicole Elliot happened to be browsing the rescue’s Facebook page when she came upon Chester’s photo and story. Seeing his sad face, Nicole was determined to make the most of the pup’s remaining days. Before Nicole picked up Chester from the rescue, she came up with a handful of little adventures to guide his remaining time on earth.

Chester and Nicole spent almost two weeks together before he passed away. In that short time, they played in the river at Flatrock Park, ate a hot dog at a Nathan’s restaurant, went on a shopping spree at a local pet store, and had a professional photo shoot. Their adventures are documented on Facebook.

Their story also raised thousands of dollars for Animal Ark Rescue’s hospice program, highlighted how special older dogs are, and showed what a big difference we can make in just a couple of days. I hope Chester inspires others to take a second look at senior pups!