Cheerio Challenge: Dads Everywhere Are Suddenly Taking ‘Cheerio Stacking’ Very Seriously

Updated: June 21, 2016
Cheerio Challenge: Dads Everywhere Are Suddenly Taking 'Cheerio Stacking' Very Seriously

The Cheerio Challenge involves stacking as many Cheerios as you can on your sleeping baby’s head.

Last week, while putting his three-week-old son to sleep, Patrick Quinn thought it would be fun to try to balance Cheerios on his son’s nose. To his surprise, it worked. So, he kept it going and was able to balance five Cheerios without waking Maxton up.

That’s how the Cheerio challenge was born!

Now, Quinn is not a rookie when it comes to creating a buzz online. He writes has a blog called Life of a Dad and it gets some pretty good traction.

So when he posted the Cheerio challenge to his site, it took off!

Now, dads across the world are stacking little circles on their babies as they nap.

Some create pyramids; others bend the rules a bit and use different tools, like a vase.

While one dad decided to stack pancakes!

If you want to play, the current Cheerio record to beat is 17!

No matter what, this game will make you smile.