Charlotte McKinney Victim of Hacking : “Topless Shot Leaked”

Charlotte McKinney Victim of Hacking : Topless Shot Leaked

Charlotte McKinney falls victim to cyberbullying with nude pics.

Late last night, nude photos of Charlotte McKinney appeared on the model’s Instagram page.

With captions like, “I’m gonna be so damn hungover tomorrowww” and, “Drunken nights lead to the best fun,” it initially seemed as though Char-Mack simply got sloshed and decided to pull a topless Chrissy Teigen stunt.

Today, however, McKinney cleared the air by posting the following statement on her IG page:

“To all of my followers I’ve once again become a victim of hacking. It’s disgusting people enjoy doing this to one another. Please disregard any message you’ve gotten from me. Thanks for the support.”

McKinney was hacked back in April, and it seems that this time, rather than stealing nude photos of the 23-year-old, some jerks who already had naked pictures of her decided to post them to her Instagram.

It’s yet another reminder of how much damage can be done by one tech-savvy a-hole, and the extent to which privacy is an illusion in the digital age.