“Challenging and rewarding” to spend a year away from football – (News)

“Challenging and rewarding” to spend a year away from football –

Steve Spagnuolo was let go as the interim head coach of the Giants after the 2017 season and was out of football altogether for the first time in nearly 40 years during the 2018 season.

During his first press conference since returning to the NFL, Spagnuolo was asked about how he spent the year away from the game and how it felt to be doing something else during football season.

“I found it to be both challenging and rewarding,” Spagnuolo said. “The challenge was missing football and the comradery of coaches, players, not being at training camp where it’s nice and hot and you are doing football, that was a challenge, was missing it. The rewards were sitting back and seeing a big picture view of the NFL and the game of football, as opposed to being in these buildings during the season and having the blinders on to the team you are about to play. I just thought a big picture view of the league, the game of football, the pluses and minuses, I have oodles of notes.”

Spagnuolo was living near NFL Films headquarters and he went there on a weekly basis to watch file, which meant he came to Kansas City with “a lot of plays that I wanted to pull” and give to the players he’ll be coaching this year.

Whether it came from the big picture view he developed or his own experiences in the league, he also came with the knowledge that “the whole rest of the team is affected when you’re looking for” a quarterback. Patrick Mahomes takes the Chiefs out of that category and gives Spagnuolo a good chance to return to the NFL with a winner.