Cat accidentally sold with mattress back home, Report

Updated: December 30, 2014
Cat accidentally sold with mattress back home, Report

The Oregon cat accidentally sold with a mattress set is home after being 10 days on his own.

Roy Dufek inadvertently let the mattress go while Camo was still in it, but he immediately turned to social media for help finding the cat after he realized his mistake. The story went viral, with online news outlets around the world sharing the story of the missing cat.

A week and a half later, Dufek had some good news to share: Someone had spotted the cat and Dufek’s girlfriend Hayley was able to find him, catch him and bring him home.

Camo had indeed traveled inside the box spring, strapped to the top of a car, all the way to the Hillsboro home of the mattress set’s new owner.

Camo “had a cut lip, several of his nails were broken/paws were bleeding, one of his eyes was squinty, he of course was a mess, and he was very thin,” Dufek announced in a Facebook post Sunday.

But after a night of recovering at home and a quick trip to the vet, Camo is fine.

“We can’t ever repay or say thank you enough to all the people that spent their cherished holiday time, and resources to help us bring Camo home,” Dufek said. “It’s the best feeling in the world to know friends and strangers alike have had our back in time of need, and to have him back safe and recovering.”