Carson Wentz is our guy – (News)

Carson Wentz is our guy –

Carson Wentz again is watching from the sideline as Nick Foles does what Nick Foles does.

Foles has led the Eagles to back-to-back wins over the Rams and Texans since Wentz injured his back to keep Philadelphia’s postseason hopes alive. He is 3-1 this season after going 5-1 last season, including three postseason wins and Super Bowl MVP honors.

Coach Doug Pederson reiterated Wednesday that the Eagles are fully committed to Wentz as their quarterback of the future and he continues to tell Wentz just that.

“I think you have to continue to talk,” Pederson said during his press conference. “I don’t think you have to necessarily always go out of your way and make sure that [you communicate that to him]. He understands. He knows the situation he’s in. He’s trying to get healthy. But at the same time, I want him to understand that, hey, he’s our guy. He’s the guy we drafted and moving forward, he’s our quarterback. I don’t have to sit there and keep encouraging; he knows that. But we do have conversation, and I try to encourage him the best I can.”

Foles becomes a free agent after this season.