Carrie Underwood’s Post-Baby Weight Loss Stunner “Watch”

Carrie Underwood's Post-Baby Weight Loss Stunner - Watch

Carrie Underwood’s Post-Baby Weight Loss.

Carrie Underwood already has her pre-baby body back — and she’s showing off her hard work in a new shoot for her fitness line!

“Fitness to me—I’ve been vocal about it over the years—is a lifestyle. I just love how I feel when I feel good about myself. There’s definitely a lot of me in the Calia line,” the new mom told E!.

With a newborn baby at home and her NHL playing husband, Mike Fisher, busy with hockey, the “American Idol” winner admitted that “workouts may or may not happen.”

“It’s been interesting getting back into my fitness routine ever since I had Isaiah,” she revealed. “It’s the most wonderful thing in the entire world but of course there’s so much that comes along with having a baby—your schedule completely changes,” she said. “I have to kind of be ready to workout whenever I possibly can.”

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