Cardinals still hold the top spot in 2019 NFL Draft order – (News)

Cardinals still hold the top spot in 2019 NFL Draft order –


The Raiders gave their fans in Oakland a nice going-away present last night, but they cost themselves a couple of spots in the 2019 NFL Draft order.

By beating the Broncos, the Raiders fell from having the second overall pick to the fourth, with a week to go.

If the season ended today, the Cardinals (3-12) would own the first overall pick, followed by the 49ers (4-11), Jets, and then the Raiders. Also, a lot of people would be saying “Why did the NFL season end the Tuesday after Week 16? Thanks a lot Santa.”

The Raiders are the last of the 4-11 teams because of their higher strength of schedule number, as that’s the first tiebreaker for draft order.

Under the current standings, the Lions (5-10) would pick fifth, followed by the Buccaneers, Bills, Giants, Jaguars, and Falcons (6-9). The Jags and Falcons were the big sliders of the week, as they were fifth and sixth a week ago and slid to the ninth and 10th spots after beating the Dolphins and Panthers, respectively.

Since the Cardinals have a game lead (?) over the field, they can clinch the top spot with a loss to the Seahawks Sunday.