Cardinals lock up the top spot in the 2019 NFL Draft – (News)

Cardinals lock up the top spot in the 2019 NFL Draft –

It’s unclear who will be coaching the Cardinals first-round pick next year, or even who will be selecting him.

What we do know is the team in the desert owns the No. 1 overall pick.

The Cardinals locked up the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft by being the only team with a 3-13 record.

It puts them in an interesting position, as they are expected to fire coach Steve Wilks, there’s no word on the future of General Manager Steve Keim but a general sense he’s safer, and they used a first-round pick last year on quarterback Josh Rosen.

Behind them, the 49ers will pick second, the Jets third, and the Raiders fourth (ties for draft order are broken by strength of schedule).

Considering the investments made in Jimmy Garoppolo and Sam Darnold by the 49ers and Jets, respectively, that puts the Raiders in an interesting spot if they want a quarterback or another team does.

The Buccaneers round out the top five, and apparently are committed to Jameis Winston, though their new coach might want to have some input on that.

Here’s a look at the draft order as it stands after the afternoon games (the 19th and 20th spot will be the Steelers and the loser of tonight’s game, unless it ends in a tie):

1. Cardinals 3-13

2. 49ers 4-12

3. Jets 4-12

4. Raiders 4-12

5. Buccaneers 5-11

6. Giants 5-11

7. Jaguars 5-11

8. Lions 6-10

9. Broncos 6-10

10. Bills 6-10

11. Bengals 6-10

12. Packers 6-9-1

13. Dolphins 7-9

14. Falcons 7-9

15. Washington 7-9

16. Panthers 7-9

17. Browns 7-8-1

18 Vikings 8-7-1