Cardale Jones’ next team must be patient, Ohio State’s Urban Meyer says – Details

Updated: April 18, 2016
Cardale Jones' next team must be patient, Ohio State's Urban Meyer says - Details

Whichever team drafts former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones later this month must be patient with him, according to what Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer said to Marla Ridenour of The Akron Beacon Journal.

“I think there’s going to have to be patience, an excellent quarterback coach that’s going to have to earn his trust,” Meyer told the Beacon Journal. “There’s going to have to be a great relationship there; he’s a relationship-type guy. He and (former OSU offensive coordinator) Tom Herman were very close and that took three years.

“It’s going to be dictated by the team that takes him, the amount of patience and the relationship he develops with the quarterback coach.”

Meyer also said his growth curve could be accelerated now that Jones doesn’t have to focus on school.

“A really good skill set, intellectual, very smart, wasn’t necessarily very good at school,” Meyer said. “I wonder if that kind of set him back a little bit. That’s one difference between pro and college — now he doesn’t have to worry about classes and going to school and all that stuff. He can focus completely on football.

“I think he’s a very sharp person. He loves football,” Meyer said. “Discipline will be big — when I say do the right thing, the best quarterbacks are complete students of the game and that’s all they do.”