Can’t expect to win in Miami if we play less than our best – (News)

Can’t expect to win in Miami if we play less than our best –

The Patriots have dominated the AFC East for most of the last two decades, but they haven’t had much success on the road against one of their divisional mates in recent years.

New England has lost in four of their last five games against the Dolphins in Miami and they’ll be back in South Florida trying to buck that trend this Sunday. Quarterback Tom Brady was asked about the team’s uncharacteristic record in those games and what the team may have to do in order to come up with a better result.

“I think it’s just that it’s got to be a mindset. … I think they use that climate as a benefit to them, just like we use ours as a benefit to us,” Brady said. We’re out there practicing, we’re used to — I know exactly how many layers I need to put on per degree, how many heat packs I need and that’s just the way it is. I’m sure they do the same. Us going down there and playing good football — ultimately that’s the opponent is the Dolphins and not the climate. Playing a good football game is definitely what this week’s about for us and we can’t expect to go out there and play less than our best and win. We should be playing our best — it’s that time of year.”

The Patriots can wrap up another division crown with a win and Brady said it would be “pretty sweet” to do that while also making a more positive memory in Miami.