Kidnapped Teen Found Dead: Anneli-Marie R Found Dead in Germany After Kidnappers Demand Ransom $1.3 Million ‘Watch’

Businessman's 17-Year-Old Daughter killed in botched kidnapping

The teenage daughter of a wealthy German businessman was killed during a botched kidnapping attempt, police said on Tuesday after a four-day intense search that gripped the nation.

Police in Germany have confirmed a body found in an abandoned farmyard as that of missing Anneli-Marie R.

The victim, whose surname has not been released by detectives, had not been seen since leaving her parents’ house in Meissen, Saxony, last Thursday to walk her dog.

Officers have now revealed the alleged captors used her mobile phone to try to contact her father the same day to demand a €1.2m ransom for her safe return but he was not able to immediately take the call.

However, less than a minute later he phoned back, received the demand and in the background screams could be heard.

Dresden police chief Dieter Kroll said: “In this telephone conversation, one of the perpetrators said Anneli was kidnapped by them and that he demanded a €1.2m ransom.

“In the background, one could hear screams and this is presumably the last sign of life of Anneli and the telephone conversation, which was very short, was then finished and interrupted.”

A ransom note had also been sent to the girl’s parents who released a letter in response, begging for her safe return and promising to pay the money.

“The kidnappers should know that we will fulfil the stipulated demands in order to be able to have our child back in our arms soon,” the letter said.

They also addressed their daughter directly, telling her: “Anneli, we miss you. We are with you.”

Authorities said there was no indication of sexual assault during her ordeal and they believe the teenager was killed because she could identify the kidnappers as they were not masked.

Police have arrested two men. One is a 61-year-old precious metal dealer from Dresden and the other a 39-year-old unemployed chef from Bavaria.

“All of our hopes and prayers were not answered,” Dresden police spokesman Dieter Kroll said.

Her body was found in a farmyard near the village of Klipphausen, in the east of Germany.