Bruce Jenner $500 000 Wreck Car: Bruce Jenner And Son Burt Involved In Baja 1000 Car Wreck

Updated: November 18, 2014
Bruce Jenner $500000 Wreck Car: Bruce Jenner and son Burt in off-road racing crash, "Beat but not broken"

Bruce Jenner and son Burt Jenner were involved in a crash in Baja, Mexico, on Thursday.

The father-son duo, 65 and 36, respectively, were driving in the Baja 1000 off-road race when their $500,000 car veered into a ditch at mile 170, reports TMZ.

Taking to his Instagram, Burt posted a picture of him and his father enjoying a post-race drink, adding the caption: “Well I don’t want to say the race didn’t go as planned, because it did… we had a blast, learned a ton about Baja, made a bunch of new friends who I will remember for life, didn’t bend the truck (even though we went off twice) and we came home safe…”

He also took to the social networking site to thank the crew members who chipped in and helped to repair their $1 million ride following the five-day event.

“In this picture is the group of people who helped us out in the middle of the desert when we broke the truck and offered us pizza and beer and radios… at this point after hours in the desert dad and I were starving, thirsty, and needed a radio to signal our race was over… they pretty much solved all or problems and made life good again. (sic)” he wrote.

TMZ claim that the two had to wait a few hours to continue their road race following the smash, eventually being forced to pull out because they lost too much time due to the crash.