Browns will treat Week 17 like our playoff game – (News)

Browns will treat Week 17 like our playoff game –

The Browns are not a playoff team, but for the first time in many years, they’re playing like one. And they plan to play like one in Week 17.

Browns interim head coach Gregg Williams said his team is approaching Sunday’s game like the Ravens as if it were a playoff game.

“We’ll treat this just like this is our playoff game,” Williams told reporters today. “That’s how intense the game is going to be.”

That’s obviously how the Ravens are approaching it as well, as they will clinch the AFC North with a win but will likely miss the playoffs with a loss. There was a time when seeing the Browns on the schedule for a must-win game would have been a dream matchup for any NFL team, but that time has passed: The Browns have won five of their last six games and are going to be a dangerous opponent for the Ravens.